Mad Men Musings



Seriously, what am I watching? Yes, it is clever. Yes, sometimes it is interesting. Yes, I can say yes to quite a few questions about the qualities of Mad Men. I can go on and on…

Yes, Jon Hamm is good looking.

Yes, Christina Hendriks’ boobs should win an Emmy. 

Yes, Peter Campbell is a douchebag. 

Yes, Peggy Olson deserves a promotion and I feel bad for her and want her to succeed. 

Yes, Rachel Menkin is a bitch and she will never do any better than Don Draper. 

Yes, Don Draper’s mentality of ‘Always Move Forward’ is a great mentality to have and sort of makes him the equivalent of an everyman’s Ayn Rand… and yes, it was very clever to use ‘Atlas Shrugged’ in the episode entitled… oh who cares?

Seriously… who cares? I get it. Why am I watching this though? Don Draper is boring when he tries to balance his Manhattan persona with his Suburban Dad persona. Betty Draper is hot but she is the least attractive hot woman in the history of fiction. 

Peter Campbell is a douche. And every year ‘Mad Men’ should win an Emmy for best portrayal of a douchebag in television. But it should NOT win Best Dramatic Series. 

Mad Men touches on risque topics that would have been better fleshed out had the show been put in production by HBO. Matthew Weiner worked on ‘The Sopranos.’ He pitched ‘Mad Men’ to HBO and they passed. Having won Emmy after Emmy, I had to finally watch the show so I could see for myself what the hype is about and why HBO would pass on a show that is winning Emmy after Emmy. I have decided that HBO passed on ‘Mad Men’ for the same reason that I am going to pass on the remainder of season 3 and all succeeding seasons- it is ultimately boring because ultimately I don’t care about anything that is happening. 

Who cares if Peggy Olson decides to move to Manhattan?

Who cares if Betty’s father died?

Who cares if Don Draper isn’t really Don Draper?

I like watching these guys get drunk. I like watching Christina Hendriks boobs. I like watching Betty Draper seduce the little kid from down the block. But if you put all of these things together as a somewhat cohesive narrative, I am absolutely not interested. 

There is nothing that can happen on this show that will make me want to watch it. It is what you call a ‘slow burner.’ It moves really slow and ultimately goes nowhere. 

Yeah, that one guy is gay. So what? Oh gay people weren’t accepted in the 50’s? No kidding. Who cares though? Yeah, housewives lead boring lives. There are no more housewives because of that… and the ridiculous cost of living in the United States… but who cares?

Who cares? And there is five years worth of this? And another on the way? Where could this story have possibly gone that viewers keep coming back to watch more of it? Seriously. I want to know. 

I can understand a ‘Mad Men’ drinking game-

Every time somebody lights up a butt, take a shot.

Every time Don Draper cheats on his wife, take a shot.

Every time Pete Campbell does a douchebag move, take a shot. 

Every time Roger Sterling acts like he is in his twenties, take a shot.

Every time Peggy Olson grows a little bit, take a shot. 

Every time Betty Draper looks sad and confused, take a shot. 

Every time the gay dude struggles with his sexuality, take a shot. 

Every time a storyline is given to a character undeserving of a storyline just because there is forty something minutes to fill, take a shot. 

You’d be drunk by twenty minutes in and still, in all likelihood, not give a fuck about this show. But you would be impressed by how clever it is. 

Seriously, who cares?